Meet The DuraForce, The Latest Tough-Phone from Kyocera and AT&T

Kyocera has become a company of interest for many, since they have transitioned from making oddly stylish-yet-outdated smartphones a few years ago and began on the road to innovation with their sapphire crystal glass-clad Kyocera Brigadier earlier this year.  From this company, we have seen smooth-edged devices that many wrote off as budget and garbage, as well as the innovative dual-screened Kyocera Echo, but none of the company's efforts have garnered as much attention as their latest endeavors. The Brigadier had a sapphire crystal display, instead of the usual glass or hybrids.  And this device began the rough-and-tumble track the company seems to be pursuing with their next device, the Kyocera DuraForce.  The DuraForce is the next rough-ready device from Kyocera, and it's rolling to customers thanks to AT&T, as announced this morning.

The DuraForce will come to AT&T customers with a $50 price tag for new contracts, $20 per month on a Next 12 plan, around $17 per month on a Next 18 plan, and $390 without an contract at all.  Seems affordable for what is being offered.  Let's look at that specification list, since many are probably curious. The Kyocera DuraForce comes with IP68 protection, so dust-proofing and water-resisting for half an hour in about 6 feet of water.  It comes clad in Kyocera's rugged body design, meaning it has "Military Standard 810G protection against dust, shock, vibration, temperature extremes, blowing rain, low pressure/high altitudes, solar radiation, salt fog, humidity and water immersion" so it should last a long time, regardless of the way you live life. The device comes with a Snapdragon 400 processor, running at 1.4 Ghz across its four cores, with a gigabyte of RAM to back it up.  It uses a 3100 mAh battery to power the 4.5-inch 720p display, which has some nifty tricks of its own.  It's a usual display that responds to touch, but also can accept input through gloves, while wet-handed, or even when the display itself is wet.

The DuraForce has 16 GB of in-built storage, but has a micro SD card slot for expansion of up to 32 additional GB.  The device also features EPTT, or Easy Push-To-Talk compatibility, so you can use it for quick peer-to-peer communication, as with walkie-talkies from the days of yore.  This phone looks to be a tough competitor, literally, for your buying dollar on AT&T's network. The question is whether Kyocera's push for rugged devices will be fruitful, or if it will leave them behind, covered in mud (but still working, of course) in favor of the high-end, more 'disposable' device that frequent people's pockets.  Think that Kyocera is making a smart move, with one device on Verizon and one on AT&T, to get maximum exposure, or should they have concentrated on a single carrier?  Will you be picking this one up, or sitting tight for the 'disposable' flagships that are coming later this fall and in the coming winter?  Let us know down below.

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