LG Trademarks G Black, G Chocolate And A Few Other Names With The USPTO

November 7, 2014 - Written By Kristijan Lucic

LG seems to be doing great as far as finances go. The company’s profit actually doubled in Q3, mainly because mobile revenues went up 39%, which are truly impressive results for this Korean tech giant. LG finally found the right path it seems and managed to release a smartphone that many people are extremely happy for, the LG G3. LG Optimus G was a great start, the G2 was also a great phone but the LG G3 is definitely the crown jewel and LG finally managed to hit the home run. The company is working hard on delivering the Lollipop update to the G3 and a bunch of other handsets, leaks are coming all over the place. It seems like everything is going as planned for the company, we’ll see how long will that last though.

Speaking of devices, LG filed a several patent applications with the USPTO for their upcoming smartphones. LG G Chocolate, LG G Black, LG G Black Slim, LG G Black Sound and LG G Plus. So, you can basically expect phones carrying those names in the future and it seems LG is not giving up the “let’s push a ton of phones to the market” strategy, much like Samsung. LG actually had a “Black” series of phones, years ago. LG Chocolate, LG Shine and LG Secret were part of that series, for example. At least G Chocolate and G Black will be smartphone names, other names might belong to some other devices and form factors, like feature phones for example.

LG sure does release a ton of phones per year, though I was somewhat surprised at how much the company grew in the mobile department, considering Samsung took a dive and those two companies have a somewhat similar approach to the mobile market. Anyhow, I’m glad LG managed to turn such significant profit and am looking forward to see where the company will use these freshly trademarked names. LG has the technology and financial power to really make a difference and who knows, they might surprise us yet again and release something that will truly impress us.