LG Reaches New Heights In Market Share For North America

It looks like LG's latest flagship device, the LG G3, has done its job and sold very well and got customers liking LG a bit more because LG's market share for Q3 in North America was pretty darn high. In fact, LG's smartphone market share for North America was the highest in Q3 than it has ever been before in the companies history, coming in at 16.3 percent. This is over double LG's market share of 7.4 percent it had last year, quite the impressive leap.

Again, it is pretty obvious that this substantial jump in smartphone market share stemed mostly from LG's flagship G3 smartphone that was released by the company earlier this year. Unfortunately, this will more than likely not be the case for LG's forth quarter smartphone market share due to it's competitors. Both Apple and Samsung hold much bigger percentages of the smartphone market share for North America and have both recently released new flagship smartphones that will surely boost their market share for Q4 of this year.

Take a look at Apple, not surprisingly they hold the biggest percentage of smartphone market share in North America at 33.9 percent. Then we have Samsung at a close second at 24.8 percent. On top of these companies huge market share, they also both have new flagship smartphones that recently hit the North American market. Apple has the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus which will both surely sell very well as iPhones always do, then we have Samsung with it's new Galaxy Note 4 which again, will surely sell very well. This will cause LG to struggle to keep up their momentum with customers as the G3 comes of age and Apple as well as Samsung have newer flagship devices that many customers will be buying up.

Either way, we are glad to see LG get a good portion of the smartphone market share in North America. LG has really been impressive lately with some of their latest devices they have released, especially the LG G3, even their software has dramatically improved over the past year. All in all, LG deserves it, hats off to them.

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