LG Phone Passes Through The FCC But No-One Knows What It Is


One of the milestones in any device's journey from manufacturer to consumers is passing through the FCC. At least for US bound devices. Once a device reaches the FCC, it is usually understood that the device is nearing a release and should be expected soon(ish). This is usually more of a mundane marker than an interesting one as we normally know what devices are en-route including their specs, features and likely release date. Therefore, the passing through the FCC is usually more a matter of procedure than a major talking point. When The device lands on the FCC, if we can't identify it via its model name or number then there is usually (at least) one telltale sign of what it is. So not really a problem.

That said, a device has passed through the FCC today that no one seems to know what it is. What makes this even more interesting is that it is not from an unknown OEM. The device in question is an LG device and goes under the model number LS996. This is one of those occasions in which the model number provides no indication of the device's identity. What's more is the device's limited known specs also do not provide and further help. The unknown device is 142mm tall and 71.2mm wide. This makes it in the close region of an LG G3 but not an LG G3. The LS996 has LTE support for 2, 4, 12, 25, 26 and 41 bands. This highly indicates that it is Sprint bound as Sprint typically uses those bands. The only other information provided by the FCC listing is that the phone does have a removable back cover and that both the volume and power buttons seem to be on the back. Additional noted features are listed as WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, Camera, and MP3 Player. However, that is it.


Although typically, we can always tell a smartphone when it lands on the FCC, this one does seem to be a mystery. Its known (limited) specs are not like anything else we have seen from LG this year and there is no mention on any discernible features. Even the Android operating system is not provided, which usually is included in these listings. However, an LG device has passed through the FCC and might be hitting the US soon. It is likely to be for Sprint, it is 142mm tall by 71.2mm wide and comes with a removable back cover. Now its over to you. What do you think the mystery device is? Let us know your best guess

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