LG Hopes to Launch Bendable Smartphones in 2015; Rollable Displays by 2017

November 10, 2014 - Written By Tom Dawson


If tablets and smartphones that are faster than our laptops were a few years ago weren’t signs enough, LG is looking to convince that the future we’ve seen from science fiction is finally upon us. LG has long been an innovator in the display space and in this most recent roadmap, we’ve learned that LG is looking to release smartphones that are bendable in some way by as early as next year. Not only that, but they’re looking to deliver rollable displays some time near 2017. These are exciting times and it seems that LG might be the first to introduce us to these new technologies.

The latest roadmap from LG focuses on Plastic OLED (organic LED displays) or P-OLED for short, and 2015 seems to be the year that LG will have displays ready for bendable smartphones and tablets. While this sounds sort of crazy, LG has been here before, and with a consumer product, no less. The LG G Flex wasn’t named as such due to the curved display, but because the device could quite literally flex without breaking. If you were to put the G Flex on a surface with the display facing down, you could apply pressure to flatten out the curved device without causing permanent damage. Just what use cases LG have in mind for devices hitting the market in 2015 is unknown at this point, but something in the same vein as the G Flex is pretty much a given.


While it perhaps won’t hit the Android world quite so hard, LG is looking ahead even further to 2017 and the launch of rollable displays, which we’re assuming might have more use for military and medical applications than it would our smartphones and tablets. Either way though, this is exciting. For a long time now, we’ve been using our smartphones and tablets in much the same way for the past five plus years and now, things are set to change all over again. Question is though; how would you use a bendable smartphone or tablet?