Leaked T-Mobile List Lets You Check Whether Your Store Will Have The Nexus 6 In Stock


OnePlus this morning announced round two of their no-invite sale. As you know OnePlus have had their share of pre-order gaffs. Well, they are the only one. the recently launched and released Google Nexus 6 by Motorola has had its own problems. Those who were after this highly sought device had literally no opportunity to buy the device when it went on sale on Google Play. This was generally because the device went out of stock as quickly as it went on sale. It soon emerged this was due to low numbers of carrier-free Nexus 6's available.

Well, this Wednesday the allusive Nexus 6 lands in T-Mobile stores. Although the rumors suggested the low Google Play numbers were because of the carriers buying them all, potential T-Mobile customers will still be cautious of whether they can actually get one in-store this week. Luckily for those buyers it now seems a (conveniently) leaked T-Mobile store availability spreadsheet as hit the web. This first popped up on XDA yesterday and there is no real way to verify any of the information it contains. That said, the list does contain store availability information for over 1800 stores throughout the US. The information even goes so far as to stipulate whether stores will stock actual sale units or only demo units. Unfortunately though, it seems the list does not offer any information on actual stock numbers. Instead, it only lists whether stock or not with no data on how many. With that in mind and even if this list is correct then you still might find yourself without a Nexus, if the numbers for your store are low. However, at least with the list you can check if your local store will have any.


In spite of the lack of numbers the list is quite information and lists stores firstly grouped by state. Following this, the listĀ seems to be grouping stores by zip code. So it shouldn't take you too long to find your local ones. When you find your store, the last two columns will be of most interest to you. The second to last column is the "Handsets At Launch" column which in short is 'to buy' while the last column is "Demos At Launch" which is rather self explanatory. Either way, in either of these columns you are looking for a "Yes". Bare in mind, this list cannot be verified in anyway and as mentioned stock levels are not included. But if you do want to know about your local T-Mobile stock then check it out. Are you planning to buy a Nexus on Wednesday? Are you worried about stock?

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