Koushik Dutta's Helium Now Added To The Chrome Store For Chome OS Support


In the android world, Koush is quite a well known guy. Especially if you are from the Cyanogen or rooting worlds. You see, Koushik Dutta as he is more formally known, was one of the original Cyanogen employees. However, since leaving the company he has gone on to develop some invaluable apps for the rooting and custom android users. If you are rooted, then there is a very good chance you use his ClockworkMod recovery. This allows for easy installing of ROMs, backing up of data and reinstalling those backups when things go wrong. If you are into casting then there is also a good chance you have come across his AllCast app, which allows for casting of anything on your android device to other screens.

More recently, Koush has been working on his Mirror and Helium apps. Mirror is quite a specific app as it is primarily designed to screencast and record your android screen. However, Helium is a much more widly appealing app. Helium, provides a way for users to backup their data. Now differently, to the nandroid backups provided via ClockworkMod, Helium allows for backing up data from one device to another. This includes all your settings, apps and probably more importantly, all your app data. If you are a rooted user then you are probably more familiar with Titanium Backup which is commonly used to back up rooted devices apps and their data. However, the benefit of Helium is that it does not require root unlike Titanium. Therefore, if you are not rooted, Helium will provide the solution for sync, backup and restoring. The only issue being non-rooted users typically had to use Windows tools to assist the service


Well it now seems Koush has added the app to the Chrome store meaning it will now work with Chrome OS. As such non-rooted users will be able to use Helium as an all-android experience. This completes the Helium lineup which now makes the app compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac and Chromebooks. So if you are planning on soon moving over to Lollipop, either on a new device or by factory resetting, wiping and installing, then Helium might be a good solution for you. If you are rooted and still using Titanium then this maybe a good reason to give Helium a try finally. Either way, let us know how you get on with it.

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