Kateeva YIELDjet Might be the Mass Production Solution to Drive Samsung's Flexible OLED Push



Samsung might not have paid the same sort of attention to flexible displays as LG did with the G Flex which launched internationally, but it seems like Samsung is ready to play catch-up in a big way. Not only did the company put key features of their Galaxy Note line into a device using a flexible AMOLED display, but they're now looking to expand into 2015 with more flexible products. Samsung has recently said that by 2016 there would be no other company with the same sort of capacity to produce flexible displays, and it looks like OLED manufacturer Kateeva might hold the key to the company's recent push.


Relative newcomer to the business Kateeva, recently managed to secure an investment from Samsung and it looks like flexible OLED is where the new company is to make their money. The YIELDjet is a new solution for producing flexible OLED which the company describes as "the only customer-proven technology of its kind that can enable cost-effective manufacturing of flexible OLED displays in high volume". The YIELDjet is also going to be shipping first to a "customer in ASIA" and while we of course can't say for sure, this "customer" sounds a lot like Samsung. The South Korean giant isn't one to boast of manufacturing capacity without reason and with a fresh solution like the YIELDjet, we wouldn't be surprised if Samsung started to really up their game when it comes to flexible OLED in all sorts of devices next year and into 2016.

As of right now, devices that utilize flexible displays are still subject to scrutiny to customers and it's going to take some time before the public sees much worth in the new form factors. Of course it's up to Samsung and co to give us reason to spend a little extra on a device that features a flexible display of some sort. What would it take for you to purchase a device with the new technology in it? Let us know down in the comments.

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