Jean-Baptiste Queru Will Be On The Android Headlines Show November 12!

Jean Baptiste Queru

You guys, we have a huge treat for you coming up on next week’s Android Headlines Show. We’re going to have a very special guest on the show, none other than software extraordinaire and former Android AOSP manager Jean-Baptiste Queru on with us! He left Google a little over a year ago and went to work for Yahoo as Senior Principle Engineer in charge of Yahoo’s mobile apps. If you have noticed that Yahoo’s mobile apps have gotten much better in the past year, JBQ is the man to credit. We are so incredibly excited to have on the Android Headlines Show on November 12.

Jean-Baptiste Queru was born and raised in France and moved to the US right out of college. He’s been living and working in San Francisco since the late 1990s. He worked at BeOS and Openwave before moving to Google as a Senior Software Engineer in 2007. He had a little bit of a beef with Google and Qualcomm over the open source nature of AOSP in 2013 and left Google, landing at Yahoo in September of last year. Yahoo CEO Marissa Meyer also came from Google. Her hiring of JBQ was one of the more high-profile personnel moves she has made for the company.

We are really stoked to have JBQ on the AH Show next week, November 12. We’ll be talking a bit about his history with Google and Android, as well as what he’s been doing at Yahoo over the past year. He’s had a huge influence on the design and direction of Yahoo’s mobile apps. There’s also been a marked shift in Google’s approach to the open source side of Android since he left last year. I’m curious to talk to him about that as well.

We also want to open up the questions to all of you. What should we talk with Jean-Baptiste Queru about? What questions should we ask? What do you want to know? Let us know in the comments.