Jawbone Announces Budget Activity Tracker With The Jawbone Up Move


Jawbone already make some of the more stylish activity trackers and today they've launched another couple of products, the Up Move, for just $49.99, and the Up3, for $179.99. Tom's already covered the Up3 so this evening I'm going to cover the budget entry, the Up Move. The Jawbone Up Move is a circular device that fits into a clip and can be carried somewhere convenient, such as trousers, a shirt, bra or belt. It has LEDs to highlight progress but unlike many fitness activity monitors, the Up Move includes a replaceable CR2032 watch battery that gives up to six months battery life. The Up Move is water resistant but not waterproof (the Jawbone website is careful to highlight that the device should not be immersed in liquid). It's designed to be synchronized with a compatible Android (or iOS) device via Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy and is available in five colors; purple, black, yellow, grey and red. Check out the video below:

Of course, part of the appeal of the Up is the Jawbone software, which has been upgraded to include the Smart Coach. This is a fitness guide designed to provide wearers with context-aware information and suggestions, to make sense of the numerical data that the Jawbone device provides. In terms of functionality, the Up Move is able to measure steps via the built-in accelerometer. The software estimates the calories burnt by establishing the basal metabolic rate, which is calculated from the wearer's age, weight, height and of course the activity levels. The software has powerful goal management; it allows the user to set goals including steps per day, hours slept and target weight. It can remind the wearer that it's time to move, too, which is a very useful feature.


There's still no word when, or if, Jawbone is to integrate with Google Fit. A couple of months ago, Jawbone announced that it was to open up the lifestyle software to non-Jawbone hardware in the hope that it would encourage people to buy their stylish activity bands. Integrating the hardware into the Google Fit application would be a good thing for Android fans and would likely help the company sell more of the hardware, but so far the company has kept quiet about Google Fit.


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