Israeli Firm Takes Turbo Charging To The Next Level With 30 Second Full Charging

We have seen Motorola and Qualcomm recently do something like this with the release of the 2014 Moto X. The device, with the help of Motorola's "Turbo Charger", was capable of gaining 8 hours of battery life from just 30 minutes if charging, a definite cut above regular smartphone charging capabilities. Now, an Israeli company, claims to have battery technology that puts Turbo Charging to shame. With this battery technology the company says that they can fully charge a smartphone in just 30 seconds, a very bold claim to make.

StoreDot says that they are not only able to charge batteries very quickly, but that their batteries will be much more dense than current smartphone batteries. Meaning that the batteries will hold a bigger charge and hold it better. At the moment, said batteries are too bulky to be incorporated into today's smartphones, but StoreDot does have ambitious plans for their batteries in 2016. Claiming they will be able to offer a thin battery with the characteristics described above, a perfect offering for smartphones. With the number of smartphone users forecasted to be somewhere around 1.75 billion this year, obviously StoreDot sees a huge opportunity. Even some experts agree, saying that with just a little more work, this battery technology could prove to be a huge winner.

As of now, StoreDot has raised close to $50 million dollars in funding, mainly from an Asian smartphone manufacturer. On which StoreDot was hesitant to reveal. StoreDot's investors also include Russian billionaire and Chelsea soccer club owner, Roman Abramovich. When StoreDot does offer batteries for smartphones sometime in 2016, they say that these smartphones will cost around $100-$150 more than typical smartphones. Of course, if you are willing to spend that extra money on your new smartphone. Then you will get all of the fantastic battery characteristics that come along with it, including a $1500 recharge/discharge cycle which equates to around 3 years of great battery performance. StoreDot definitely has some ambitious aspirations for their battery technology, not only wanting it in most smartphones come 2016, but also wanting their batteries in cars, being able to charge up in a few minutes. These are both great aspirations to have that could really benefit consumers, for this reason, we really hope that we see StoreDot batteries all over the place come 2016. Being able to charge up a smartphone in 30 seconds just gives us goosebumps.


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