If You’re A Game Developer Then Google Says It’s Time to Adopt the Saved Games Feature

November 18, 2014 - Written By John Anon

You know what it’s like right? You spend all that time battling falling fruits. Your sword is sore from the amount of chopping you have had to do. Why won’t these fruits stop falling! These are the worries, if you are a ninja living in a fruit world. Thankfully though, saving game data allows the journey of a ninja to be slightly more effective. Instead of having to battle the onslaught of fruits all in one go, you can battle some, save and rest your weary ninja head. Of course, if you are a developer then saving all this ninja’s data can take up quite a bit of server space. This is why back in 2013 Google launched a feature within Google Play Games known as the AppState API. This API allowed developers to use Googles’ servers to save their user’s game data. The only issue was that game data was limited to 4 slots of 256KB data. As games gets bigger this was sometimes not enough space.

Enter Saved Games feature (aka Snapshots). This was the new and improved AppState. In comparison to the early predecessor, Snapshots allowed developers slots which were 3MB in size. Not to mention the allotment of slots increased from 4 to unlimited. As such this was more than enough to accommodate those bigger games. This increase in size was largely due to the integration of Snapshots with Google Drive cloud storage. In spite of the launch of Snapshot the two (Snapshot and AppState) continued to co-exist as separate entities. This was probably due to the slow migration of developers from one to the other. Well, if you are one of those developers who have not yet shifted over to Snapshots then you should know that Google says now is the time.

According to Google, they have seen other games transition over to snapshots and had enough feedback to know that Snapshots is the permanent future of game saves. As a result, Google announced today on their developer site, that it is only a matter of time before they discontinue AppState completely. In fact, Q2 of 2015 is being touted as the time in which AppState will become ‘read only’. At this point you will no longer be able to save game data to the AppState service. If you are a developer and need further explanation and instructions about moving from App State to Snapshots then click here to read the full Android Developer’s blog post on the matter. Hmmm, these fruits are falling again. Where did I put that sword.