Hush Smart Earplugs Mask Noise For Better Sleep And Connect To Your Android Device

We've recently covered a list of Top 10 Android Sleep Apps, which contained a couple options that were designed and developed to help you sleep better, and/or help you wake up feeling more refreshed. While some of these apps do a decent job at helping you drift off to sleep,(some using sounds called binaural beats)they don't always do an awesome job at blocking out noise even if you're wearing earbuds. The problem with earbuds even, is that you have them plugged into your phone which causes the cord to get in the way. A new device going through Kickstarter right now called Hush, is a set of wireless noise masking smart earplugs which seek to give you the noise canceling solution you may have been looking for. The video below does a great job at illustrating how these could be of extreme use to pretty much anyone who has trouble sleeping due to excess noise, I find myself personally drawn to this product because I live in a noisy area with extremely loud neighbors.

Hush basically works by canceling out any background noise, allowing you to sleep better, but they're smart because they connect up to your Android or iOS device so that any notifications, or alarms for example, can still be relayed to you through the tiny wireless earbuds. This keeps you from waking up your partner with an alarm and only allows you to hear it, and for notifications it ensures that you don't miss an important message or call while you wear these. The blocking of background noises is done with a combination of noise canceling memory foam and noise masking sounds that are built into the Hush application and are played through the plugs, which the user selects from a list depending on their tastes or preferences. There is even a few options of binaural beats(those sounds we mentioned above that are designed to help induce sleep)included if you need more help falling asleep.

Could these things be comfortable to wear while you sleep? There's no way to know for sure just yet, but the Hush earplugs are made with memory foam so we could imagine they're pretty comfortable even if you switch sleep positions often, and end up laying on your side. There is also a nifty little Hush case that has an internal rechargeable battery, allowing you to charge the Hush earplugs while on the go, and they can be recharged up to 10 times before you need to recharge the battery inside the Hush case. Also, just in case you were wondering, the Hush case also charges your phone thanks to a USB port on the outside. There's still 27 days to go before the campaign ends, and the funding goal of 100k has already been reached. If you like the sound of something like this(pun intended)head over to the kickstarter page(source link)and check them out.

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