HTC Seems To Be Putting Out New Batch Of Nexus 9 Tablets With Improved Volume And Power Buttons


When the Google Nexus 9 was revealed most people would probably agree that the design was pretty sleek, and that Google and HTC had done a good job. When it comes to the build quality, opinion came up a little different as some people had reported minor issues, annoyances, and other build quality factors that were not quite what they were hoping for. Some took issue with the way you could depress the back of the tablet as it had some bounce to it whenever you would push on it. There are apparently some number of individuals who also had issues with the volume rocker and power button on their devices, where the buttons weren't protruding very far out from the tablet housing.

While this may not have caused too much difficulty in actually pressing the buttons and having them complete their functions, we understand how it could still feel a little bit cheap. The good news is that HTC has apparently heard the complaints and unhappiness from customers and are fixing the issue with newer tablet batches. So that means that anyone buying the Nexus 9 from here on forward should be getting a unit that looks more like the tablet on the bottom in the image below where the buttons stick out more instead of looking more flush with the case.


I don't personally own a Nexus 9 nor have I used one with the volume buttons appearing this way, so I have no idea how hard they were to press. According to the reddit user who submitted this image though there was a significant difference between the older tablet bought from the first batch and the newer one. Light bleed on the displays was said to also have been addressed to some extent, so if you're someone who was initially considering buying a Nexus 9, now would probably be an OK time to place the order as you're more than likely not going to have to worry about the volume and power button issues now. If you already own a Nexus 9, how is your experience so far with the tablet? Are you having the same problems as some others or do you absolutely love it?

Nexus 9 Volume buttons

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