HTC Desire EYE To Land In AT&T Stores November 7th

Its a busy day for AT&T so far today. If you have missed the AT&T news then the US carrier have already announced the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge although for those who may be thinking about it, be warned. Its priced at basically a $1000 give or take. On top of this, AT&T have also announced this morning the arrival of LG's 2nd generation smartwatch - the LG G Watch R. For those interested in this one. Then you will be pleased to know it is a lot more reasonably priced then the Note Edge although still at the top end for a smartwatch, with the announced price $299.99. Want more smartwatch news? It was also announced this morning by AT&T they will be selling Motorola's offering, the Moto 360 in their stores from November 7th. In terms of price, this will be the standard priced $250 although AT&T have noted if you buy the watch along with the second generation Moto X then they will knock $50 off the watch price.

So there you go. So far AT&T have brought us details on two smartwatches and one smartphone arrival. I guess that means its time for another smartphone announcement. Well in addition to the weird but alluring Note Edge, AT&T have also announced that the HTC Desire EYE will also grace the floors of their stores on November 7th. Yes, if you are not interested in the curved Note Edge then maybe the heavily selfie focused Desire EYE is your thing. As we know, the Desire EYE is extremely geared towards those who want amazing selfie (or groupfie) images provided by its biggest selling point - a massive 13 MP front camera.

In terms of pricing the EYE will be available from November 7th on a two-year contract for $149.99. Alternatively the EYE is available for $0 down on AT&T's 'Next 18' plan for $22.92 per month or on the 'Next 12' plan for $27.50 per month. Even more alternatively, the EYE will be available off-contract on November 7th for $549.99. Like the combined Moto X and 360 deal AT&T have also advised they will knock $50 off the price of the HTC Desire EYE when bought along with the new HTC RE camera. So there you are. The HTC Desire EYE will also be hitting AT&T stores the same day as the Note Edge albeit at nearly half the cost. AT&T did also note HTC One M8 (for Windows) and the Nokia Lumia 830 for $199.99 and $99.99 on-contract respectively But hey, they are Windows phones so enough about that. So which will you be going for come November 7th?

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