More Than Half Of Shoppers Thinking About Two Connected Devices Accoding To Verizon


All the carriers and manufacturers will be hoping to score big this weekend. With Both Black Friday and Cyber Monday approaching, the game is on and deals are to be had. To prepare for the big occasion it seems Verizon have been doing their homework. Using a survey conducted with the Verizon FiOS Innovation Index, they have come up with some interesting facts. According to the survey, Verizon state that between Black Friday and Cyber Monday is a significant time for the purchase of connected devices. The biggest claim is that 52% of consumers will anticipate purchasing "two or more connected devices" this year. That's over half the shopping public. And remember, this is in reference to purchasing TWO devices. It would be interesting to know what the percentage would be for at least one device. However, this was not given.

Another interesting factor is the sale period will not be solely for gift shipping. According to the survey, at least 37% of consumers will be purchasing items for themselves. Maybe this is where the 52% of two devices comes into play. Quite a lot of consumers who are maybe thinking about picking up a connected device for someone else might also be thinking about one for themselves. The survey also suggests that tablets will be a big seller this year and are listed as the 'expected' top product. As a result, you can probably expect a number of tablets to be on offer during the sale holiday. Following on from this, the survey also goes on to suggest that Laptops, TVs and smartphones will also be big hitters for this weekend. A real interesting factor was the survey highlighted the difference in 'sought after' between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. For instance, the results of the survey than 20% indicating they might be going for a tablet while PC's scored 18% and TV's 15%. In contrast on Cyber Monday, the response to the survey for Laptops drops from 18% to 16%. Tablets remained at 20% while the combined total for TV's and smartphones equaled 15% (the same for TV's alone on Black Friday).


Overall though one figure which is probably more predictable than the rest is that 63% of respondents said that the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend was the best time of the year to grab a deal. It would be interesting to know what the other 37% of respondents thought was a better time of the year? You can see the published results of the survey by clicking here. So whats on your agenda this Black Friday/Cyber Monday? What will you be hunting for? If you are out of ideas then you might want to check-out our AH Deal Shop which has just opened. You never know what you might find.

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