Groupon Now Offering Cheaper Holidays With New Getaways By Groupon App

November 10, 2014 - Written By John Anon

Feeling those wintery blues? With the Holiday season fast approaching you might be considering a holiday of your own, to get away from it all. Well Groupon may very well be able to help. You probably already know Groupon as they have developed a massive user base and it’s this number of users that helps them to offer discounts to their customers. By driving a large number of their customers to a business (and therefore ensuring bulk orders) those same businesses offer Groupon a tidy discount to pass on. Everybody wins, and it seems Groupon are winning the most as business seems to be booming for the grab-a-deal company. We recently saw Groupon purchase and launch Snap by Groupon – their grocery shopping deal-grabbing app. Now, not content with just products and groceries, it seems Groupon are moving into the travel market.

Yesterday, Groupon launched a new app dubbed ‘Getaways by Groupon’. As the name suggests their new service is geared towards offering its customers deals on holidays and breaks. The app is fresh looking compared to their other services and seems to offer quite competitive deals. On offer are a variety of locations with both domestic and international destinations available. Deals can be got for just hotels or for entire packages including flights. In fact, Groupon claim users of the app can save up to 60% on bookings. Similar to the standard Groupon service Getaways will show you the price of the deal, the price it was and how many people have purchased the deal. Not to mention the impending ticking clock telling you when the deal will end. To add to the wide selection it’s also rather easy to navigate the app with users able to choose either by destination or theme (beach, outdoor, family, international etc).

The app is currently available via the Play Store and is free to download. Not bad all-in-all. Groupon also notes that on select packages users will also get 5% back in Groupon bucks. It also seems it is not just for far off places either with users able to book on-the-day hotels nearby your current location. Again all at a reduced price. To help kick the app off to a good start, if you use the code APP20 by November 14th (Friday) you will save an additional 20%. So, if you were planning a trip real soon, it definitely might be worth checking this one out today. Nine day tour of Thailand anyone? Its up for $1,199 and sixty have bought it so far.