Google's Nexus 9 And Nexus Player Kernel Source Code Released By Google

Nexus 9 AH 18

The beauty of android is its open source nature. Not only do android users get a great operating system and great android devices, but on top of this, as part of the open source alliance we get every line of code and every letter of code within those lines. Now for most end-users that won’t be of much interest as it is just gibberish. But that said, to the legions of android developers this is the magic. This is actual android and the building blocks needed for those same developers to come up with the numerous apps, ROMs and features we end-users are lucky enough to come in contact with.

Back on Monday we saw the release of Lollipop and this came in the form of the Android 5.0’s source code being uploaded to the Android Open Source Project aka AOSP. Once here, the world of developers can get the code, use it or adjust as this wish and get cracking on everything we will know Lollipop to be in the future. It now seems Google are getting busy uploaded the kernels to AOSP for developer consumption. For those out there new to this world, then kernels are an integral part of ROM development. In fact, kernels are just as important in an operating system as the software and hardware. This is largely because kernels (in the most basic sense) are the go-between software and hardware. When software wants the hardware to do something it sends a request to the kernel. From this request, the kernel interprets the action and hey presto your hardware responds. This pretty much occurs for anything and everything a device does. You click a button and it is the kernel that translates your click. As such the kernels are maybe more important than the hardware and software as without a kernel the hardware simply remains the hardware and the software simply remain the software.

Part of the open source nature means all device software tends to come with its relative compatible kernels. As mentioned, today Google has begun uploaded the kernel source codes for the Nexus 9 (flounder) and the News Player (fugu). If you are a developer then you will probably already know the kernel code is available via AOSP. For those who want to see what a kernel and its code looks like then you too can download it from here.