Google Voice Now Supports Native MMS Support For In Message Images, Verizon Included

November 10, 2014 - Written By Justin Diaz

Google Voice and Hangouts integration just got a little better recently for users in the U.S. and Canada. While Google Voice has been part of the Hangouts app for a little while now already, the MMS support via Voice has never really been there. Google updated the Voice app to support MMS messages on most major carriers here in the U.S., except for Verizon Wireless when they first announced that they were bringing MMS support to the application. On top of that, even with the MMS support for other carriers like T-Mobile or AT&T for example, users were still experiencing what didn’t truly feel like MMS support, which saw users only receiving a link inside of any incoming Google Voice message where a picture was supposed to be attached.

This basically led users to have to click the link to see the image, which was certainly a step forward from not having any sort of support at all, but it wasn’t quite what users were hoping for and most probably, like myself, still resorted to using another application to handle their messaging needs. At least when it came to picture messages. Today the announcement was made that Google Voice now supports MMS messages with Verizon Wireless, and that most carriers in the U.S. and Canada should also now have that support too.

Alongside the support coming to VZW, support is now no longer a link to a received image and is now native in-message just like you would experience with any other messaging application. This means that when you receive a picture in a message from a Google Voice user, it will show up as a picture and not a link. The same thing goes for when you send pictures in an MMS message using your own Google Voice number. Recipients will no longer get links to the image and will instead have the picture displayed right within the application itself. In short, if you enjoy using Google Voice as your default messaging app, you can consolidate everything down to just Hangouts, and all your SMS and MMS can be dealt with in one app easily. Any users out there who have already had experience with this?