Google Updates Chrome Web Store With 7 New Android Apps For Chrome OS Including Cookpad Recipes

November 25, 2014 - Written By Justin Diaz

Back during the summer time, Google announced they would be bringing Android apps to the Chrome OS experience and that they would be starting with a few favorites like Vine, Evernote and a couple others. Those have been out for a little while now and others have been added since,  but today we’re learning that 7 more Android apps have gotten their launch onto Chrome OS, some of them which you might just love and already use daily on your Android device. Google of course is also keen to point out that a few of them might just assist you a little bit with this Holiday season that’s upon us, and with Thanksgiving just under two days away we are inclined to listen to their statement and check them out for ourselves.

Joining the few that are already available, users on Chrome OS will now have access to the Android apps for Cookpad Recipes, Overdrive, and Couchsurfing, and Google simply mentions that “more” apps are available via the Chrome Web Store portal in the Apps for Android section of the store. Upon visiting the store myself I couldn’t find any of the new apps in the list, including those mentioned above, so they may or may not show up for you when you look. At the moment the store is still going through the refresh it looks like so the apps will probably end up displaying later on.

If you already use Chrome OS for day to day tasks, but couldn’t step away from using your Android device for too long due to the lack of some of the most used apps, you might find the recently updated offerings alongside Duolingo, Evernote and others to your liking. Google had stated back when they announced the Android apps for Chrome that they would also be attempting to update the list of available apps on a fairly consistent basis, as quickly as possible to bring a more seamless experience between Android devices and Chrome OS devices. So far they have been doing a decent job bringing what seems like the most popular apps over to Chrome OS, and here’s hoping they continue to keep unleashing things at a quick pace like they have been.