Google Teams Up With Tech Giants To Get Voters To Poll Locations

November 4, 2014 - Written By Mark Collins

Are you one of many that does not know where your poll place is? Could you be one of the same folks that do not turn up for mid-term elections? Mid-term election turnout is consistently at least 10 percent lower every time compared to presidential election years. This year as well as many past mid-term election years have many important elected positions being filled by candidates. You can help improve voter turnout by spreading the word and getting out to the polls.
Google as well as many other tech giants such as Amazon, Facebook, AOL, Bing, Tumblr, Reddit, and Pew want to make sure the new generation of Internet surfers locate their polling spots. How you might ask? By search of course. Google Maps has powered the search page of by way of APIs from their Civic Information Application giving developers a simple way to develop on top of Google for the information. Simply visit the site and enter your address, it will show you the address, map of the location, polling hours, and a view of your sample ballot. It basically gives you everything you need, except your voting card (hopefully you have one already). Wow, how I wish this was around back in my younger years…..ok, enough of the time traveling. Well, no matter how old, um, or young you are, the information will be very useful. So click away, do some candidate research and make the necessary plans to make your vote count (No complaining about politics allowed if you don’t go vote).