Google Search Maybe Replaced By Bing Or Yahoo On Apple Devices In 2015

November 25, 2014 - Written By John Anon

We all like to think of Apple and Google being at loggerheads. After all they are immortal enemies, right? Well, no not really, and it certainly has not always been that way. For instance, in spite of the two companies constantly seeming to do battle, anyone who has used an iPhone will know that ‘Google Search’ is the default search browser on Safari. Not to mention this is not a new thing either. In fact, Google Search has been the default option on iPhones since 2007. That’s a rather long time for a partnership in this rapidly evolving tech world. That said, this maybe about to change. The relationship between Google Search and iPhones has been an on-going one and although has been extended in the past, that extension is due to end in 2015. What’s more, it looks like Apple might not be intended to renew the partnership. As such and considering 2015 is next year it probably wont come as much of a surprise to learn that other browser’s are watching the situation very closely.

According to a report published in The Information, it seems Apple are getting ready to move on from Google Search. In particular, the reports are suggesting that both Microsoft and Yahoo are already making moves to try and secure the lucrative deal. According to the report, both Microsoft and Yahoo have already made pitches to Apple with Microsoft touting Bing as their option. As Bing is already the default search engine on Siri it might be wise to assume they already have an advantage over Yahoo. That said, Apple might not want to throw all its eggs in one basket and may opt for Yahoo instead. Especially as Yahoo themselves seem to be doing better than they have in recent times with their newly acquired Firefox contract.

One benefit from Google’s perspective if they do lose the contract (and it looks like they might) is that the new option won’t be locked down. Users can opt through their device settings to revert back to Google Search again. The deal will just mean that Google Search will not be the default option. So what do you think will happen in 2015? Do you think Apple will be wise to part with Google Search in favour of Bing or Yahoo? What browser do you currently prefer? Let us know.