Google Release More Sweet Be Together Not The Same Videos

November 12, 2014 - Written By John Anon

Google do know how to make a good operating system. I think it’s safe to assume most people reading this are android fans…Sorry, didn’t mean ‘fans’. I meant enthusiasts. Google also seem to be able to put some good bits of hardware together and to market. Again, assume most people (generally) are enthusiasts of the Nexus range. But dammmmmn, Google do know how to make great videos. Back on the eve of the Nexus launch on October 15th we were treated to a few really funny android videos. Remember? Bus stop, Winnebago and Dance Party….

Well, as today is another Nexus day it seems Google has released some more androidify goodness. Yes folks. Google are at it again and like the first few we saw, these all revolve around the “be together. not the same” slogan Google have now adopted. Dare I say it, I think these ones are the best yet. The four videos are entitled ‘Break Room’, ‘Garage Band’, ‘Scary Movie’ and ‘Slightly Longer Road Trip’. Break Room is definitely geared towards Android Wear. If you notice all the characters are wearing a smartwatch and the guy on the left is definitely wearing a Moto 360. This is probably the funniest of the four videos although I wont tell you why. Watch it and see for yourself. The second video is Garage Band and this one definitely is aimed to highlight the ‘be together not the same slogan’. It pretty much shows four different characters playing four different instruments, all at the same time and all out of tune.

Third up is Scary Movie and this is also quite a funny one too. Last but not least, is Slightly Longer Road Trip which as the name suggests is an extension of the Road Trip we saw on the first Nexus launch date. The ‘Winnebago’ one. Anyway, the videos are all lined up below for your viewing pleasure so make sure you watch them all. They seriously are pretty good. After you have finished watching, make sure to leave a comment letting us know which one you liked best. My vote is for Break Room. Gotta love that Moto 360 guy.