Google Opens Submissions For Android TV Apps On The Play Store


Its been a massive week and month for Android so far with a seemingly never ending number of announcements coming from Google. It now seems there is one more to add to the list. For those interested (namely developers) you can now publish your apps for Android TV on the Play Store. If you are a new developer and have a great idea for a TV app then now is your chance. Alternatively if you already have an app out there and want to convert it to make it compatible for Android TV then again, the time has arrived.

Google have published a guide that is designed to get your apps up and running on Android TV. The guide includes information on how to get your app from concept through to sale and is broken down primarily into four sections. The first focuses on what is needed in terms of understanding the guidelines and requirements for Android TV apps. The second looks to help in the development of TV apps. Up third is explanations on the testing procedure to make sure apps are compatible, look good and perform well with Android TV. Lastly, the guide focuses on explaining the publishing aspect of TV apps including looking at what is needed to get your app on the screen, making suitable screenshots and banners and so on. It is worth noting Google advises that you do have to think slightly outside of the box for Android TV. Making sure your apps take into account remote control use, game controllers or other TV accessories which might not be first thought of when you think of an Android app.


The real good news for developers is that the TV apps will sell and be purchased through the Play Store and as such the typical requirements will already be somewhat understood and familiar to existing developers. Once your apps reach the publishing stage they will go through a brief review section where they will be either approved or not approved. Following this if everything is good you can expect to see your app hitting Android TV in the near future. So anyone out there thinking about developing an Android TV app? Cant wait for Android TV in general?

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