Google Now Giving Away A Free Premium Book…But Again Not To Everyone



Freebie, freebies, freebies. Who doesn't want something for nothing. Just because you do want something for nothing though doesn't mean you will get one. That said, google has been throwing out the freebies recently and especially for Nexus owners. Only last week it was reported that Google were offering owners of the Nexus 5 (and very select other devices) Sandra Bullock's newest movie Gravity completely for free. Not bad for a movie which is currently listed at $9.99 on the Play Store. As mentioned this was being reported by users as available on a small number of devices although Nexus 5 seemed to be the clear device this freebie was being thrown towards.


Likewise, this week's freebie offering seems to be for the Nexus 9 crowd. Yes, if you were one of the lucky few who managed to get hold of the new Nexus tablet then it looks like it's your turn for a freebie and this time it is a free book. Reports are coming in that Nexus 9 owners are being offered a free book when they log into their Play Books app. Like the movie freebie and once you log into Play Books, you should immediately see a banner with the now familiar "This one is on us". To get the book all you have to do is accept. Unlike last week's movie offering it seems Nexus 9 owners actually have a choice this time with a selection of free books on offer. What's more, is that these are not the typical Amazon old free books but instead a number of premium titles are on offer too. Some noted include 'Gone' by Michael Clark, 'Shake' by Carli Davidson and 'The Pilgrimage' by Paulo Coelho. Once you find the book you want, simply click on it and it will be added to your library. Free of charge of course.

Now besides the Nexus 9 stipulation the only other obvious caveat we know of at the moment is that you do need to be a US resident. Sorry everyone else. Other than this if you own a Nexus 9 you can get a free book. Like the Gravity deal from last week, whatever device you own it is probably worth giving the Play Book app a quick check as you never know. Chances are that some users from other devices will probably be able to get hold of a free book. I can confirm the offer does not seem to be available for either the One Plus One or the Galaxy Note 4. If you do give it a try and are offered the book then leave a comment below or on our G+ page with your device so that others know. Free movie last week, free book this week…what's next? Free album next week?…as long as Google don't make the same mistake as Apple with U2's album then all should be fine.

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