Google Releases Android Auto API For Developers To Create Auto Apps

android auto dev bites

If you cast your mind back to June and Google’s I/O event then you will remember there were a number of new android thingies being spoken about. We had Android Wear, Android TV and Android Auto. We have seen the manifestation of the first two already. Android Wear has hit in the form of a number of Wear devices like the Moto 360. In terms of Android TV, we have recently seen the launch of the Nexus Player. However, Android Auto seems to be taking its time. Well, if you have been waiting, it is getting closer. This morning Google released the APIs needed for developers to get busy converting or creating their apps for Auto. For those that did not hear about Auto this the first time round, then Google plans to take over your car. More specifically, android it up so that you can have an integrated android experience whilst you drive. Your car will sync with your other android accounts and facilitate things like Maps, messaging, Play Music and the likes.

The public API that has hit today will allow developers to focus on making their apps compatible with the new Auto platform. According to the new Google posting on their Developer blog the new API will make it much easier to make the app conversion. Apparently it is not too different from what developers have created for other platform’s apps. For developers who are interested, you might want to know that at present the API only offers support for apps with either a messaging or audio nature. Although in fairness, messaging and audio will account for a good majority of the features specifically designed for Android Auto. If you are planning to offer Auto features outside of messaging and audio then don’t worry. In due course, the API will be extended to include other features.

If you do want to learn more about how to get involved then Google have put together a Getting Started guide. Alternatively you can click here to head over to the main developer blog detailing the release of today’s auto APIs. Not to mention, you can also check out the video below for a more detailed explanation for what to expect from Android Auto. So are you looking forward to Android Auto landing in your car? Want a fully immersive android experience across all platforms?