Google Keep Gets Material Design Update With Android Wear Support


Over the last few months we have seen a whole ton of apps get updated in line with Google's Material Design guidelines. These are of course all in preparation for the big switchover from Android 4.4. (KitKat) to Android 5.0 (Lollipop). Most of the apps generating the biggest attention are the ones from Google, as these are seen as the sort of benchmark for what to expect with Material Design and Lollipop. As such it's time for the latest Google app update.

Google's Keep app is the newest app to get the Material Design makeover bringing the app to Version 3.0.1. Now, if you are new to Keep then dont worry. It's a fairly simply premise. Keep is extremely similar to Evernote and is designed to offer users a very easy way to make notes and of course keep those notes for future use. Notes can be made by the usual methods such as simply inputting written notes but also by more novel ways (like Evernote) and using the camera to snap an image as a note. Also, as this is a Google product it is probably less surprising to learn this is highly in tune with Google Now and as such you can speak notes you want to keep via the OK Google function. notes are retrievable at any time, able to be together in a collage and of course are accessible across all your devices. Google kindly syncing them for you across Google devices.


So whats with the new update. Well, so far there is not a whole lot of features added. Of course, as this is a MD themed update there is the more colorful and card based look and feel to the app. The only other notable difference so far is that Keep is now compatible with Android Wear. As such you can now use your smartwatch to take notes, see reminders and view lists. Which to be honest is quite useful. Well, if you want to give the latest version of Keep a try then you can as the update has gone live this morning. Follow the link over to the Play Store to download the latest version. Its also worth noting Keep is available via the Chrome store for your desktop so that all your notes can be synced across devices. You can always check out the video below as well for a better idea of what Keep can do for you. Are you going to give Keep a try? let us know.

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