Google Fit Now Supports Nike+ Running App


The Nike+ Running App is designed to track your runs and provide useful guidance to help you achieve running goals and improve your performance. Nike say it's designed for anybody from first time runners to marathon veterans. The application requires a Nike+ sign in and over the years has developed into quite the running community: here you can share your runs with your friends, who are able to cheer you along. The Nike+ Running App also includes the ability to give yourself a PowerSong as an in-run pep-talk. The application works regardless if you're running on a treadmill or out on the streets and uses your 'phone's GPS and accelerometer to track your distance, speed and time. It can also provide audio feedback during your run together with the ability to competitively race against others. Away from showing off your Nike+ Running Colors on Facebook, the application also provides a Nike+ Coach facility, which incorporates a training program with a built-in expert system that provides you with daily objectives and workouts.

Nike provide a list of handsets verified to work with the application, which includes many recent flagship devices such as the Motorola Moto X, LG Next 5, Samsung Galaxy S4 and S5 as just four examples. However, the Google Play Link shows that it only needs Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread or later. And last Thursday they released a new version of the Nike+ Running App that includes integration with the Google Fit application service. Now, we already knew that Nike were going to support the Google Fit system as their FuelBand+ was given a shout-out at the Google I/O back in June 2014, but nevertheless it's welcome news that the Running App now supports Google Fit.


Google fit is Google's fitness and health application service, which integrates a number of different services and features into the one place. It can use your smartphone or smartwatch to log information about your activity and we are seeing an increasing number of application developers announcing support for the service. Google Fit is still at the early stages of development and we're going to see many more applications and services offering support over the coming months. The beauty of the Google Fit service is that it can collate all supported activity monitoring applications in the one place, rather than having is spread around multiple applications. It's great to see Nike aboard with this ethos.

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