Google Calendar App Version 5.0 Is Now Available For Devices Running 4.0.3 And Up – APK Download

Google Calendar AH 1

Yesterday we reported on a few key changes coming to the Google Calendar app when it launches to the Play Store with the latest update. Schedule View was a notable new feature that users will likely find just as appealing as they find it functional. Expect all kinds of Material Design goodness to shine through making for a spectacular visual style that we have come to know from what we’ve seen of Material Design so far. Why is this of importance to you? Because the latest update to Google Calendar is already here thanks to the apk posted up by Android Police. The update doesn’t seem to be in the Play Store yet and rolling out to devices, but you can grab the apk here as we have uploaded it for you, which you can find by grabbing it from the link below.

Now back to some of the changes. We’ll rehash some of what we know is coming. The Schedule view, will bring a nice visual upgrade to your Google Calendar with images, cityscapes, and travel destinations that pop up whenever you view a calendar entry that has you traveling somewhere. You’ll also be able to see maps of those locations, which should help you in seeing what the layout of the place you’re going to looks like without having to hop on over to the maps application and do a search.

The assist feature is my personal favorite. If you manually enter your calendar events, then after this update Google Calendar’s assist feature will try to throw relevant suggestions your way for places to eat, drink, and visit so that you can better plan things to do on your trip. The very first thing you’ll notice of course is the way the calendar looks, which will have new bold, vibrant splashes of color that sort of make the calendar become more alive thanks to the Material Design. One other thing worth note is that Gmail events and reminders are now auto-populated into your calendar for you, so if you hate entering things in manually, as long as you get Gmail notifications for things, they’ll just show up in the Google Calendar app. If you’re eager to grab the new Calendar, hit this link for the apk file.