How To Get Rid Of That Annoying 'Ok Google' On Your Android Wear Watchface

Some of you Android Wear users out there may have taken notice of something that has become quite a few people's pet peeve. We are talking about the 'Ok Google' that pops-up on top of the watchface of your Android Wear device. This pops-up to let users know that they are able to say "Ok Google" into their Android Wear device to trigger Google Now, the problem with this is that figuring that out is a one time thing.

People do not need to be constantly reminded that they are able to say "Ok Google" by a pop-up on their Android Wear device. And what makes the pop-up worse is that it pops-up right over your watchface which can be annoying. So, naturally, people want to know a way to get rid of the 'Ok Google' that keeps overlaying their Android Wear watchface, that is where this article comes into play. There is indeed a way to get rid of the 'Ok Google' pop-up on your Android Wear device and better yet, it is extremely easy to do and does not require scrolling through five menus to find a hidden checkbox.

In order to get rid of the 'Ok Google' pop-up on your Android Wear device all you need to do is simply say "Ok Google" a few times and it should disappear. Yep, you read that right, it's really that quick and simple. You don't even have to say anything when you trigger 'Ok Google', all you have to do is then close it, or you can actually say something if you want but it makes no difference, either way will get rid of it. So, once you trigger 'Ok Google' a few times the command should go away for good, although it has been known to appear again after updating Android Wear so be aware of that. But, just like now, all you will have to do is trigger 'Ok Google' a few times and it should go away again.

See, wasn't that super easy? It works essentially the same way it does on phones, when you get a new phone that has 'Ok Google' hotword detection, the words 'Ok Google' will constantly appear in the search box until the user says that phrase a few times at which point it will disappear. At least features in Android on different platforms are working similarly.

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