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I don't know about you, but when I walk into a PA Liquor Store (we have State Stores in Pennsylvania) I am always overwhelmed by the variety of wines that are available – Reds, Whites, Merlots, Chardonnays, Rieslings, Sauvignon Blancs, Cabernet Sauvignons…and don't even get me started on the Pinot Noirs.  In Pennsylvania, we have what they call Beer Distributors and we go there to buy our beers – Amber Ale, Blonde Ale, Brown Ale, Cream Ale, Golden Ale, India Pale Ale, Light Ale, Old Ale, Red Ale, Scotch Ale…and I am still in the Ales!  It can be a nightmare choosing the right Wine or Beer, especially with guests coming over – where do you turn for help?  Well, for those of us not able to afford your own personal modern Sommelier, we now have an App for that – Next Glass.

Next Glass uses science and technology to predict how much you will enjoy any bottle of wine or beer.  The App will build a unique and personal taste profile with beers or wines that you have already tried.  Scan any label at the store and it will give you a personal score out of 100 on whether you might like the scanned beer or wine.  There is a feature called Glass Match to help you find a beer or wine that will taste similar to the favorites in your profile.  In the Discover area, you can find new favorites with top matches to your preferences before you even enter the store.

Next Glass has tested tens of thousands of wines and beers and has analyzed over 20,000 compounds within each bottle – identifying what your tongue perceives as "taste."  You take it from there by letting Next Glass know what you like each time you rate a bottle of beer or wine, and then scientifically decides which ones in their extensive library or 'wine cellar' or beer categories will match up to your likes.  Every time you scan a bottle using your phone's camera, it will give you a 'live' rating on whether you will like it or not – it also will show you calories, sugar content and alcohol levels.


Another nice feature is that you can sign up friends that use Next Glass and determine what they will like the most or one that you can both agree upon…imagining have your brother-in-law coming over to watch the game…now you can have his favorite beer iced down and ready to serve.  Give us a holler on our Google+ Page and let us know what you think about this new app…as always we would love to hear from you.  To pick up the app just click on our Next Glass source link at the bottom on this page.

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