GEAK Watch II Pro Smartwatch Crowdfund Breaks $250,000 In Less Than 3 Weeks

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We covered the GEAK Watch II Pro at the end of last month, right when the Pozible crowd-funded project kicked off. It took them less than three weeks to blow through their goal of $16,355. In fact, the project has already reached a staggering $257,487 pledged from 435 supporters. All of these crowdfunding backers are now waiting for the pledge period to end so that GEAK can get to work on making the impressive Watch II Pro.

The GEAK Watch II Pro is a round Android watch, but it’s not running Android Wear. It’s running a full version of Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. GEAK says that the Watch II Pro is “the most powerful and versatile smart watch available on the market, compatible with both Android and iOS smart devices.” It has two displays, an e-ink display that never sleeps and an LCD display that will wake up when you need to see more than what the e-ink screen can provide for you. E-ink is used to reduce battery consumption and display just the time, date, and some other basics. The LCD display will show you everything else. Because of the way the e-ink display can reduce power consumption, the GEAK Watch II Pro is supposed to last a full seven days on a single charge. If that’s how long the watch actual lasts it will blow away current Android Wear smartwatches and rival the battery life of Pebble watches.

It’s yet to be seen whether the Watch II Pro will be an improvement over Android Wear or Pebble. Because it’s running a full version of Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, it will have additional functionality over Wear or Pebble watches. I’m very happy with the functionality that Android Wear offers. I’m not sure that a full version of Android on my wrist would be any more useful. We’ll have to wait and see what GEAK can cook up once their Pozible funding wraps up.

GEAK already released the first GEAK Watch last year, selling hundreds of thousands of units in China. Now GEAK is branching out into the rest of the world. “The first GEAK watch was a huge hit in China, selling over 300,000 units in 2013. With the GEAK Watch II, we’re taking GEAK international, with a pioneering design, versatile operating system and excellent functionality,” says Peng Xu, CEO of GEAK. You can find out more about the GEAK Watch II Pro by following the source link below.