Gamers Unite, Monument Valley is Amazon's Free App of the Day!


Mobile gamers, console gamers, PC gamers, lend me your ears.  Now is the time to unite behind a single purpose and a single game.  Now is the time to throw aside your differences, to toss out the old preferences of hardware power, input and convenience factor and just give something else a try for ninety minutes.  Now is the time for Monument Valley!  Yes, that's a little overly dramatic, but Monument Valley is easily one of the best gaming experiences I've had on any device over the past year and it's something that sort of transcends the limitations of mobile gaming because of its design.  If you've never heard of Monument Valley, then today is your lucky day. Monument Valley is Amazon's Free App of The Day today and will save you around $4 if you decide to purchase it, this could be the greatest ninety minutes of gaming you'll play this year.

Monument Valley, for those unaware, is a sort of point and click puzzle adventure game where you control Ida and roam a mysterious land filled with MC Escher style puzzles and level designs, all with incredibly soothing music, sharp, clean and vibrant graphics and a control scheme that never gets in the way or forces you to press buttons you can't feel.  It's the sort of gaming bliss you hope for when you try something on a particular platform, something that was designed to be experienced on that platform only because of the way you interact with it.  Many times touch gaming can be incredibly frustrating because developers make games too complex.  After all there's only so much you can do when you don't have physical buttons to press.


Once you complete the game if you're looking for more, which is very likely to happen, the Forgotten Shores in-app purchase has been made available for $1.99, giving you eight new levels and doubling the ninety minute play time; something that's quite a deal for half of the original asking price of the game.  When you do start it up make sure you're somewhere that you can enjoy the soundtrack, because it's a super integral part of the experience, and enjoy being transformed into an another world!  Grab the game at the Amazon link below.

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