Galaxy Note Edge: A Few Things You Should Know

The old adage, "Be careful what you wish for," really applies to the new Samsung Galaxy Note Edge.  We all cried for innovation and something different from smartphone manufacturer...we said they never listen to us...we want curved displays...and so on.  Now that Samsung has listened and given use the new Galaxy Note Edge, we suddenly are questioning the device more intensely than a person of interest in a murder investigation.  Samsung has taken to their blog to try to answer some of the questions that continue to swirl around its newest device - they took what is their most highly regarded device, the Galaxy Note 4 and added a great additional feature, yet many are intimidated by it.

One question is, "Why would you need a screen on the side?"  Certainly a legitimate question considering that the Galaxy Note Edge is the first of its kind - up until now, we have only seen one display, albeit the LG G Flex and Samsung Galaxy Round had a curved display, but still just one display.  The Galaxy Note Edge actually gives us two displays that operate independently from one another and the side display can be used for a multitude of functions - whatever the software or app designers decide to do with it, that side display can and should enhance your experience.

Many people are questioning how durable is the curved part of the display and does it weaken the structure and will it break during a fall.  Samsung designers put it through extra vigorous testing to make sure the overall design would help prevent that from happening.  The strong metal frame plays a significant role, just as it does in the Galaxy Note 4.  The design of the curve and protrusion of the rigid metal frame forces it to be the first part on the device that hits first, absorbing the impact and keeping the curved display from ever really hitting the floor first.  It is, after all, Corning Gorilla Glass...even the curved part.

What about unintended touches from the palm of your hand...will I accidentally activate an application every time I pick up the Note Edge?  The engineers designed the metal side to protrude enough to help prevent your palm from ever coming in contact with the display when you are holding the device.  Then there are also touch sensors designed into the curved area that can recognize the difference between your palm and finger and distinguish between an "intentional gesture vs grip vs unintentional touch."

Samsung also realizes that purchasing a smartphone and that users want a certain amount of design integrity or symmetry to their device.  When you look at the Galaxy Note Edge closely, you will see that the designers curved the left side of the display ever so slightly to take the 'edge' off the asymmetrical design.  The shiny metal frame is narrow and wraps around the phone in one fluid motion...a design theme called 'Modern Fluidic."  These two small design features give the Note Edge a more stable and natural look to the device.

What is next for the Note's 'Edge?'  It was designed to be more than simply an on and off switch, but a way to quickly access tools, apps and notifications.  It is not an extension of the main display, but a completely separate area for designers to use and integrate into their apps...and we should see some redesigned and new apps that do just that.  For instance, gamers will be able to use the main display for the game and the controls will be on the curved 'edge' out of the way.  Placing the camera functions on the 'edge' frees the main display for just your viewing pleasure.  Samsung is excited about what the app developers will come up with in future applications.

Please hit us up on our Google+ Page and let us know what you think about the new Samsung Galaxy Edge and if you will be picking one always, we would love to hear from you.

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