Flyme 4.0.4A Is Now Available For Meizu MX3

November 8, 2014 - Written By Kristijan Lucic

Meizu MX4 is company’s current flagship smartphone. This Chinese manufacturer unveiled this handset back in September alongside the new version of their Android-based OS, Flyme 4.0. New version of Flyme brought many improvements with it and Meizu has promised that Meizu MX4 won’t be the only device rocking this update, the company said Meizu MX3 will also get the update eventually. Meizu is starting to fulfill its promise and has announced that Flyme 4.0 is now available for Meizu MX3. Don’t get too excited though, considering this is a 4.0.4A version, which means you can expect some bugs in it. In order to install it you’ll also have to clear all your data, your phone will be wiped clean, so it’s best to backup everything before you install this update. One more thing to keep in mind is that you won’t be able to switch back to Flyme 3 after this upgrade, that is kind of logical, but keep that in mind also. This information comes from a Chinese source and Meizu announced it via Weibo in Chinese, so I’m not even positive the update is available in English, it should be considering the version of Flyme, but that’s also something you might check before updating. If you’d still like to go through with the update, you’ll need to download two files directly from Meizu (download 1 ; download 2) and follow this tutorial.

Flyme 4 brings along a completely redesigned user interface, a more flat UI, which is vastly popular at the moment. You’ll also find tons of animations in this new iteration of Flyme OS, motion blur is one of the most used effects by Meizu in Flyme 4. Icons have been redesigned as well, over a 1000 third-party icons have been redesigned, 100+ notifications icons, 500+ website icons and 700+ of additional (other) icons. “Flyme Reading” app brings coverage from over 100 content providers while “Security Center” will protect your phone from all sorts of malware. “Voice Assistant” has been vastly improved by the company and Meizu also brings an updated keyboard along with this OS, according to the company this keyboard is 80% more accurate than before. Camera also brings a ton of improvements / modes while “Game Center” and song library received tons of content you can choose from. These are just some of the improvements this Chinese manufacturer brought to Flyme 4. If you’re interested in getting the update for your MX3 now, follow the links above, but keep in mind you need to backup your data and that you might encounter some bugs in this build.