Fingerprint Scanner Showdown - Apple's iPhone 6 Vs Meizu's MX4 Pro

Meizu has announced its newest flagship handset almost a week ago now. Meizu MX4 Pro is launched only 2.5 months after Meizu's MX4 handset which enjoyed huge success in China and even the rest of the world, considering Meizu was shipping it out all over the place even though it wasn't officially sold outside of Asia. Anyhow, Meizu MX4 Pro is a beast of a device and it is an improvement over the MX4 in many ways, despite the fact MX4 is still very much a flagship material. MX4 Pro offers a bigger, higher-res display, additional GB of RAM, a more powerful processor and a fingerprint scanner below the display. Talking about that fingerprint scanner, we've already reported that it's manufactured by Goodix, a company you may have never heard of. Goodix implemented a GF66X8 chip inside which is push-activated and it doesn't matter which way your finger is turned when you're pressing it. The scanner itself has a silver or gold metal frame and an embedded white or black sapphire on top of the chip itself.

Meizu's official information said that it takes only 0.5 seconds for the fingerprint scanner to verify it's you, unlock the device and lets you use it. Apple's iPhone 6 was said to take about 0.8-1 second to do the same thing. These two scanners are actually rather similar, both are push-activated and act as normal home buttons except they verify your fingerprint along the way. Huawei Ascend Mate 7's fingerprint scanner works a bit differently, it can scan your finger even if you gently touch it, while that's not the case here. Chinese portal, My Drivers, decided to test MX4 Pro's fingerprint scanner in comparison with the iPhone 6's scanner and the results are pretty much spot on with the given info. Meizu MX4 Pro has a somewhat faster reaction time than the iPhone 6, though truth be said we're talking about milliseconds here and it's not a huge factor when you're purchasing a device, but it's still a very interesting fact considering how cheap MX4 Pro is in comparison with the Apple's offering. If you'd like to see this iPhone 6 vs MX4 Pro comparison yourself, check out the video embedded below this article.

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