Featured: Top 10 Tennis Games for Android - 10/6/14

Gachinko Tennis

Tennis games are often a whole lot of fun to play because Tennis itself is so simple. What's more simple than an 8-bit throwback that should remind a lot of players of Mario Tennis for the original Game Boy? This is a fun, simple game that has oodles of retro throwback thrown in as well. It's a fun game that might not be the best representation of Tennis out there, but it's still a great game nonetheless.


Real Ping Pong


Is Table Tennis, Tennis? I'd say so, and if you're in the mood to play Ping Pong with others online, then this is the game to do just that with. With some decent 3D graphics, Real Ping Pong is a fun game that should satisfy those looking for both Tennis and Ping Pong. There's a career mode here as well, making this a fairly complete package.


All Stars Tennis


Moving on to games that might bring a younger audience along with them, All Stars Tennis is a game that features all sorts of different customization options and the ability to create your own character whenever you like. A fun game that should serve as a way to get younger players interested in Tennis, All Stars Tennis is a bright, colorful way to play the game many of us know and love.


Flick Tennis

How about a Tennis game that has some story to it? Flick Tennis is a story-driven game that features the same sort of gameplay you might expect, but with a college drama strewn throughout it. With its comic strips and intriguing storyline, Tennis lovers will find something to relate to here and while the gameplay isn't quite as good as other games, this manages to set itself apart from the crowd quite nicely.

Classic Table Tennis


I might be stretching things with Classic Table Tennis, but this is a great games to just play Pong with. While the rules are fairly losely based on Tennis itself, this is a great way of showing your kids or friends that have never seen what we had to put up with when we were wrong. An even better throwback than Gachinko Tennis is, this might be a good game to play on a Thursday. Get it?


Tennis 3D

If you're looking for a fairly realistic Tennis experience on your smartphone or tablet, then Tennis 3D is a decent option. it features easy to master controls and the graphics are really quite detailed - aside from the crowds - but it does have a lot of the features you would expect from perhaps a handheld gaming title or something similar. There's a World Tour system here as well as Quick Play, so it's good for whatever you want to achieve.


Virtual Table Tennis 3D


While the floating paddles might be a little bit of a turnoff, there's a lot on offer here and it could be the best way for you to get your fix in the simplest way possible. There are 30 levels across 3 different difficulty levels and while it's not the best-looking option out there it is a fairly decent effort. Perhaps something for die-hard Table Tennis fans only, Virtual Table Tennis 3D is something worth looking into.


Stick Tennis


Stick Tennis is a game that's been around for some time now and it's a personal favorite for a lot of people. It's fun to get started with, doesn't take itself too seriously and above all it's just plain fun. The graphics are fun to look at, it's clearly well polished and it looks good on tablets, too. One of the better games available, all there is to say about this one is to just go and give it a try!


Play Tennis


Play Tennis is a game that's designed in the same sort of vane as Virtual Table Tennis 3D, the action is closer to the court and all about the game itself. The graphics are fairly decent, and there are 4 different tournaments as well as 12 different countries to compete in and there are achievements to boot. A solid option, this might be the one that just 'clicks' with you.


Virtua Tennis Challenge

I think I've saved the best till last with this, Sega's classic Tennis offering and my personal favorite. It plays well on tablets, it's fast-paced and the career option is easily one of the best out there. A quality option from a quality development team, Virtua Tennis is one of the reasons why Sega is still around today. If you ever played Virtua Tennis 2 on a Dreamcast, then you'll know how much fun a Tennis game can be and this can really help you get some of that excellent gameplay back again.

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