Featured: Top 10 Best Android Word Games


7 Little Words7 Little Words

7 Little Words is the perfect word game for people who really love a mystery and a challenge. It contains 50 puzzles for free, and with an IAP you can grab the rest of the puzzles that the game includes. Each puzzle is bit-sized, and is made up of 7 clues, 7 mystery words, and 20 letter groups. The goal is to find the mystery words, but to do so you'll have to solve the clues and combine the letter groups. You can check out 7 Little Words for free at the download link in the Play Store.


The goal in LEX is to combine letters to form words, but there's a timer and you'll want to form as many words as you can before the time runs out. The more words you form, the better your chances of getting to the next level. As you select letters to create words you also create a unique kaleidoscope like image that pops up on screen, making for a cool visual experience while you play. You can check out LEX for $0.99 at the download link in the Play Store.


Think of Spelltower as a crazy reverse Tetris mixed with a challenging word game. You'll need to solve for words with the grouping of letter you have on screen, but more letters rise from the bottom of the screen as you work towards new words,(kinda like Tetris has the falling blocks from the top)which will cause your groups of letter to eventually reach the top of the screen. That is, unless you can clear letters out by making words. Spelltower includes 5 challenging modes, and even an intense local multiplayer. There's Google Play Games leaderboards and achievements too. You can check out Spelltower for $1.99 at the download link in the Play Store.



You fancy yourself a good word game player, but how well can you transform pictures into words? Iconic will task you with doing just that. You'll need to solve the icons into two words to solve each puzzle. Puzzles are spread across various different category topics like movies and music. If you get particularly stuck, you can ask facebook or use a hint to solve the puzzle and move forward, kind of like a life line. You can check out Iconic for free at the download link in the Play Store.


W.E.L.D.E.R. tasks you with fighting back in the war against words. Build words from the letter tiles on the board, in a game that fuses together addictive word gameplay with pattern matching. You can use special powerup like abilities to "un-do" your last move, or use the apocalypse swap feature to wipe the board once per level and gain new letter tiles. You can also gain more points from using multiplier tiles, and use gigawatts to pump up your game. You can check out W.E.L.D.E.R. for $2.99 at the download link in the Play Store.


The goal in Ruzzle is simple. Find as many words as you can in a two minute time window. You aren't just playing against the clock though, you're also playing against another player, and they're trying their hardest to obtain a higher score and solve for more words. Each time you play, you play against another person and there are three two minute long rounds. Finding longer words or words that are more difficult will earn you a higher score, can you beat your opponent in the allotted time? You can check out Ruzzle for free at the download link in the Play Store.


Words With FriendsWords With Friends

You know the drill here. This is words with Friends. You get a selection of different letters in your hand which you need to attempt to use to place words on the board. Just like Scrabble. When you put letters down to form a word, you get new letters. You can track your word performance and chat with other players, and you can now even play solo with the new offline mode. You can check out Words with Friends for free at the download link in the Play Store.

Scramble With FriendsScramble with Friends

Scramble with Friends is all about unscrambling the jumbled up letters to form words on the board. There's a time limit for rounds and you'll need to beat the clock as well as your opponent. You can use power-ups to aid you in finding more words, practice on your own in the practice mode to sharpen up your skills, and then when you're ready, compete in tournament mode against 8 other players. Words can be formed in just about any direction on the board, forwards, backwards, sideways, diagonally, you name it. There's also new daily challenges and you can challenge friends. You can check out the third party ad-free version of Scramble with Friends for $1.99 at the download link in the Play Store.

Letter by LetterLetter by Letter

In Letter by Letter you're trying to take over the board by forming words with your colored letter tiles. You can use your opponents letters by forming a word with them and turn into your own tiles, giving you more board space ownership and bettering your chances of winning. You can steal letter tiles but so can your opponent, so you'll want to try and dodge the attempted steal or block your opponent from forming words. You can even bomb the letter tray and form a whole new set of options for both of you. You can check out Letter by Letter for free at the download link in the Play Store.


Letter QuestLetter Quest

Letter Quest is all about fighting your way through stages of monsters in this exciting adventure. Grimm embarks on a journey of adventure and treasure, and on the way he'll encounter tons of monsters and boss fights, all through 40 stages with 70 quests to complete, and his only weapon is words. Your job is to form words that cause Grimm to attack his opponents and complete quests. There's also 50 achievements to be had, and you can acquire upgrades, books, potions, and other special items to help you along the way. You can check out Letter Quest for free at the download link in the Play Store.