Featured: Top 10 Android Lockscreen Apps

If it's a fresh new look you want for your lockscreen, better handling of notifications or just a nice widget, our Top 10 list of lockscreen apps for Android should have something for you.

Lollipop Lockscreen Android L

In case you hadn't noticed, this app basically aims to bring you a little taste of Lollipop to your device that isn't running Android 5.0. It's a simple affair and while it certainly isn't perfect it does bring the look and feel of the new lockscreen from Lollipop. You can change the lockscreen's background and you can also blur the background, making this one good-looking lockscreen.


Echo Notification Lockscreen

Not only is Echo one of the few lockscreens that actually looks decent on tablets, but it's the only one out there that sorts and prioritizes your notifications by work, social and so on. It blends in well with stock Android and it still has an unlock-to-camera button, too. It's perfect for those that get a lot of notifications, but only want to see a certain type at any given time. Like for instance, checking your Twitter, Instagram and Google+ notifications on your lunch break. It's a good-looking replacement, it's light weight and it just works.


Chronus: Home & Lock Widget

Once exclusively known as "that CyanogenMod widget", Chronus is available for any Android device and really looks great on a lockscreen. It's decent enough when it comes to notifications, but it's also just a nice way of bringing some added style to the default lockscreen on your device, and the weather icons add some color, too. It's a stable, reliable widget that could be just what you were missing.


GotYa! Security & Safety


GotYa! is not really a Lockscreen App, but more something that works with your lockscreen to provide an extra layer of security on your device. Basically, GotYa! waits until your device fails to login three times with a pin, and then sends you a photo using the front-facing camera, the GPS coordinates and even a little map of the area using Google Maps. What you do with this information is of course up to you, but we wouldn't recommend taking action into your hands. Still, it can be really handy if you leave your device behind or whatever.


GO Locker


If looks is what you're really after, then GO Locker is the option you're looking for. There are more themes available than you can shake a stick at and it's certainly a breath of fresh air from the look of KitKat and other skins from the likes of HTC and Samsung. It won't be for everyone, but if you're into customizing your device, then GO Locker is well worth a look.




DashClock is another widget perfect for lockscreens that many of you have likely already heard about. It's simple, yet incredibly configurable and it looks good, too. With more extensions than you ever though possible, DashClock can list notifications on your lockscreen so neatly that you might not ever have to pull down that notification shade ever again. Good for the weather, as well as some pretty interesting extensions to pass on little info to you, this is great for those that enjoy configuring things just the way they like them.



Cover is a lockscreen that wants to get you to your favorite apps much, much quicker. It's contextually aware and will learn when you're at home, when you're at work and the apps will change per the time of the day as well. So when you're at home in the evening you might see social apps and a game or two and when you're at the office during the day it'll all business and proper. Great for those who use their phone for work and play, Cover is a solid lockscreen replacement.




While this is only going to be a good option for those that aren't running Android 4.2 and above, WidgetLocker is an old favorite. It esentially allows you to create the lockscreen of your dreams by using whatever widgets you want. You can choose which clock widget to use, how to unlock the device and more. It's finicky to set up and won't be much use for those running Android 4.2 and above, but it's worth looking into if you're stuck with an older smartphone till you upgrade.


Next Lock Screen

An Android app from Microsoft, yes, that Microsoft, Next is a Lockscreen replacement in much the same vein as Cover. It's about using the lockscreen more efficiently and making better use of the larger displays we have in our pockets these days. While it still needs a little work, this is a well-polished replacement and it shouldn't disappoint on features or look and feel.



Swipe is a slick, and easy to use way of getting news right there on your lockscreen. If you're someone who basically flicks through the news while waiting for their bus or train then Swipe is for you. It's pretty easy to set up, has thousands of quality sources in it and looks great, too. It's still nice and easy to unlock your device and if you want to learn more you can always read our review.

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