CyanogenMod 11.0 M12 Update Is Live And Ready To Download

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So today is looking like a busy update day. If you are a Moto G or Nexus 7 user then you have probably already heard the news that Lollipop has arrived for your devices. Now, CyanogenMod users will be quite eagerly waiting for their Lollipop update, although that still looks to be some time off. In the meantime though, its back to normal CyanogenMod business. Roughly around this time every month we see the latest CM builds hitting the repository and today is no different.

Yes, the latest CM11 snapshot is going live this morning. As you should probably know, this is CM11 M12. This is the next update in line from last months CM11 M11 where we saw a number of updates and bug fixes. In particular last month’s update including fixes for the signal strength (on certain devices) along with framework updates and updates to the camera shutter feature. In terms of M12, Cyanogen has yet to officially list the changelog information. This will probably come through the wire at some point today or tomorrow. That said, the update is live and as we speak, growing in device numbers. As you should be aware by now, the device update list is usually updating over the course of the day with other devices constantly added. So if your device does not show up then don’t worry too much as it will eventually. The current list is updating fairly readily at the moment although most of the devices currently listed largely include HTC and Samsung devices. Click here to head over and see if your device update is currently available.

If you are a OnePlus One owner then you should have already seen the news last week that the next major update for the One rolled out. That update was the 44S update and brought your system up to 44S from 38R. You should have by now received the update OTA. However, if you haven’t then click here to head back to our previous post and update link. This is a rather important update for One owners as it comes with a number of major bug updates. So if your One has been misbehaving this might be the update for you.