Corning and Mythbusters Show Off The Strength Of Gorilla Glass

corning gorilla glass mythbusters

Corning Gorilla Glass is some of the most amazing stuff to ever cover our smartphone displays. It’s not magic, though. It’s science, and the ultimate testers of science and myths, Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman of Mythbusters, have teamed up with Corning to show off how Gorilla Glass works. We start off with a history of glass through the ages and end up with Adam and Jamie smashing glass to demonstrate the toughness of the glass that Corning makes. It’s an advertisement, sure, but it’s the Mythbusters smashing stuff. That’s always fun.

In the first video, we’re treated to a history of ages, ending up with glass and how it has changed our lives. Then we follow Jamie and Adam as they dive into some new flexible glass that could change our lives even more. They talk about optical fiber and bending a single strand of glass to send light and data through it. Then we get to the fun. They smash a pane of regular glass and then they start showing off Gorilla Glass. In the second video they move to what we really want to see: smartphones. The duo smashes an old smartphone to demonstrate how older smartphone glass was weak. Then they show off a screen with Gorilla Glass. Guess what? It won’t shatter! On and on it goes. Like I said, this is a commercial for Gorilla Glass, not a real scientific test. The Mythbuster guys were paid by Corning to make this look good. Even so, it’s pretty cool.

Corning is making some great strides in glass and we’ll be using it in our smartphones and other devices for years. Sure, there are other companies out there making tempered and hardened glass, but Corning for sure has the best branding with their Gorilla Glass line. Check out the two videos below.