Chromebooks Enter The NYC School System As Approved Educational Learning Tool

November 17, 2014 - Written By Justin Diaz

While Chromebooks are among the most popular laptops from a consumer standpoint on Amazon, Chromebooks have been gaining a lot of ground with businesses and schools too. Google has also been making a big push to get the word out there that Chromebooks can be just as viable in the workplace and in schools as other computers, and not just for their affordable nature either, but for a handful of other reasons too. While it may be some time before we start to see Chromebooks as a mainstay in schools across the country, in the city of New York it seems they’re already making the cut to be integrated into the cities education network, as Chromebooks have recently been approved for use inside of public schools.

That’s some 1,800 schools across the city that are now able to start using Chromebooks that run the lightweight Google Chrome OS. The NYC Department of Education cited reasons like cost, as well as the ease of integration into the school systems, with an extremely easy integration with their own systems used. On top of this the Chromebooks are also something that would be easy for the IT departments to manage since there is no real technical skills or training needed to work with the devices. Another big reason why Chromebooks were a solid choice was because many of the schools were already using Google Apps for Education, so Chromebooks, which have Google Apps built in were really a no brainer, and many of the educators in the schools were expressing that Chromebooks were a desired tool they wanted at their disposal.

For anyone that has ever used a Chromebook, hearing things like this feels like something we already know, as we’ve been aware of the ease of use with a Chromebook device and know how easy they are to manage. There are plenty of people out there that have never used a Chromebook before though, let alone know what one is, and seeing them integrated into one of the most populated public school systems in the U.S. is not only good news for Google, but a big win for consumers too. It sheds light on a series of capable, affordable products that can meet a persons needs.