Chrome for Android V39 Introduces Color to Headers and Recent Lists on Lollipop



There's no denying that Android 5.0 has been the most colorful and engaging release of Android ever, and it seems that Google isn't done with the paint brush just yet. Chrome has become an integral part of Android since the release of Ice Cream Sandwich back in 2012, and it's now pretty much the de facto browser for a lot of users on Android. Version 39 has hit Google's mobile platform and it brings with it an interesting new change that adds yet more color.


Essentially, V39 of Chrome adds the ability for websites to decide how Chrome's header looks as well as how their site will look in the recents list on Android 5.0 Lollipop. How this is done is through a simple HTML meta tag with the name="theme-color" and a color of your choice applied to your site's <head>, as per HTLM5 Rocks the syntax would like something like this:

<meta name="theme-color" content="#DC143C">

Moreover, it seems Chrome on Android is now ready to accept to high-res favicons as well, with HTML5 Rocks recommending something in the 192×192 range, with a syntax like this:


<link rel="icon" sizes="192×192" href="nice-highres.png">

For us users though, it means that our websites are about to look a little more colorful on Android 5.0 Lollipop, with the address bar on certain sites changing to a color of their choosing and if you've opted to have your Chrome tabs show as separate entities in the Recents List, these will look different, too. It's a nice fresh approach and while it might look a little bizarre at first, it does fit in well with the efforts to make Android more colorful and more approachable in the Lollipop update. If you're running a website, what color would you choose for the header and recents lists? Let us know in the comments below and if the update hasn't hit your device just yet, it should arrive real soon.

Chrome 39 Colors




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