Chainfire Beta Testing New SuperSU Which Might Fix Broken Lollipop Root Apps

SuperSU Chainfire

Chainfire is a very popular figure in the android world. He is responsible for the widely used SuperSU feature, which allows devices to be rooted. Of course, once rooted, you are then free to flash, install and do what you like with your device. Chainfire had originally suggested that the move to Android 5.0 (Lollipop) might be a difficult one. Even suggesting the option of rooting Lollipop devices may no longer be available. However, within hours of the Lollipop source code going live, Chainfire had broke through and rooted a device running on Lollipop. Since then, Chainfire has managed to root even more Lollipop running devices and only a couple of days ago announced most of the Nexus range (including the Nexus 9) can also be rooted using SuperSU.

One of the problems with rooting on Lollipop is the SELinux. This has been tweaked by Android in their latest incarnation and its security is proving rather problematic. As a result, a number of what’s known as ‘rooted apps’ (apps that only run on rooted devices) are not working properly. With some full-out broken. Interestingly though, Chainfire has announced (in the last few hours) that he might have figured out a way to repair those broken apps. He has not provided any proper details on the fix, but he has released a new beta version of the SuperSU for immediate testing. Chainfire wants the community to test out the new beta version and let him know which rooted apps are now working which were previously not working.

If you want to get in on the action, then you need to be quick. Chainfire notes he wants to get the updated SuperSU on the Play Store in the next few days and as such testing will only be ongoing for so long. If you want to help out, then you should head over to Chainfire’s Google+ page where the beta download is listed. It is worth noting Chainfire is only interested in apps that now work and specifically advised he does not want to hear about apps that did not work and still do not work. That said, if your are rooted, running Lollipop and having problems with some rooted apps then this maybe the answer. Will you be giving it a try?