Candy Crush Soda Finally Gets A Full Release And Available To Download Now



How's Candy Crush Saga working out for you? Getting a little bored of it now? Initial sugar hit waning and all those IAPs you purchased no longer fulfilling your sweet tooth? Yeah I know how you feel. Well, not to worry as it now seems the sweetly anticipated sequel to CCS dubbed Candy Crush Soda has finally hit the mainstream and is now available to download. Yes, this game has been in the works for some time and as such the long wait is finally over. It originally started as a little game on Facebook and then back in June of this year we saw the Soda sequel get a soft launch. And it really was a soft launch with availability limited to only Canada, Spain, Holland and Sweden. Either way though, it is now here and ready to give you (and your wallet) your next sugary fix.

So what's the new one about? Well, King, the developers behind Candy Crush Saga have made it no secret about the bucket loads (more like boatloads) of cash they have made from Candy Crush. As such the sequel game is not a whole lot different and hoping to recapitalize on the format that hit so strong the first time round. This is essentially the same game, although now you have lots of purple fizzy soda bottles to deal with too. That said, if you loved the first game you will probably love this one as well. There are 140 levels, a new character named Kimmy and a whole bunch of new games modes. To give you a brief intro the game modes on offer include 'Soda', 'Frosting' and 'Honey'. Soda is the main game mode where you have to try and fill the board with the fizzy soda bottles. In Frosting, you are tasked with breaking the ice to free the gummy bears. While in Honey, you are again tasked are freeing the gummy bears who on this occasion have gotten themselves stuck in some honey. Not to mention there is also a couple of Match 4 and Match 7 games to keep you further busy.


So will you be downloading the next installment in the Candy Crush Saga drama? If you are thinking about it, then the rules are the same. The game is free to download. Although probably not as free to keep due to the various In-App Purchases available. This is where King makes the real bucks so be prepared. According to the Play Store the IAPs are listed from $1.11 up to $44.69. The most common IAPs are the extra moves and additional lives. If you do download the game then let us know what you think? And if it filled that sweet tooth of yours. Salivating yet? Well check out the video to see if it helps sway you a little


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