Canada Will Not Get To Participate In The YouTube Music Key Beta


Ad-Free music services have been around for a while now, and Google is no stranger to providing that type of service – they already own Songza and Play Music All Access, which just launched back in 2012.  Rumors have been swirling around for months about Google doing the same thing with YouTube – for a monthly fee, you could have unlimited, ad-free downloads, called YouTube Music Key.  It has finally become a reality – in the beta form – at a promotional rate of $7.99 and eventually will rise to $9.99 a month…much like they did with All Access.  Google is also doing the right thing and including All Access, so for one $9.99 fee you can have both unlimited access to YouTube Music Key and Google Play Music All Access.

This new subscription service is a way for Google owned YouTube to mine more money from its YouTube website – if you won't give them the subscription money, then they will get it from selling ads that you will have to watch in order to enjoy the very popular website.  Our source states that Music Key will initially be offered on an invitation only basis in the U.S., United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Ireland and Finland – unfortunately, Canada was not mentioned.  Anyone interested in an invitation can request one at with invitations being sent out in batches starting this week.  There was no mention in Google's plans as to when the service will find its way into Canada, but I doubt it will be very long – it's not as if they could pull a cord and have the entire world online at once.  With YouTube Music Key, besides removing all ads, you also receive two more benefits – you have the ability to continue playing songs on your mobile devices even when the device is locked and you also have the option to download tracks that you can listen to without an internet connection as long as you use the Music Key's mobile app.


Google bought YouTube in 2006 for $1.78 billion and analyst thought they were nuts – YouTube was barely bringing in any money and it was knee deep in copyright infringements.  Google made immediate changes and setup a stringent system for blocking pirated content and today recording labels use the site to promote new artists  and the ads that run within those music clips generate more than $1 billion for the performers and recording labels.  Universal, Sony and Warner – the three largest music labels – have all reached licensing agreements with YouTube and the new Music Key.  All the pieces are in place for another Google success via YouTube's Music Key. Please hit us up on our Google+ Page and let us know if you are looking forward to the new Music Key and if you will be signing up as soon as you can…as always, we would love to hear from you.

YouTube Music Key beta

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