You Can Now Use One-Hand Mode On The Xiaomi Mi3 and Mi4

Xiaomi Mi4 with MIUI6 3

Xiaomi is one of those companies you probably kinda know about. You’ve heard the name and been hearing it a lot more often recently. That is because they are one of those on the rise. In fact, in certain markets, very little seems to be able to stop them. It is companies like Xiaomi who seem to be giving the biggies like Samsung a serious headache this year. While Samsung battle the old foes like Apple, companies like Xiaomi are attacking from the other side. That said they have been somewhat known for not being the quickest to update their devices. A couple of weeks ago they did though update to the latest version of their android system ‘MIUI’, in the form of MIUI 6. It now looks like that is getting an additional update roll-out today.

Today’s update, although not a significant update, does come with a rather neat feature. One-handed use. Now, this is not obviously a new feature in the smartphone world. Many other OEMs like Samsung already employ this feature on their larger handsets. That said, when it lands on another device it is always worth a mention. The update seems to be hitting the Xiaomi Mi4 and the Xiaomi Mi3. In both cases the update seems to work the same way. What’s more, is that it seems the using of the one-handed feature is much easier than it is on the other smartphone manufacturers. To enter one-handed mode you simply swipe from home to back. This will reduce to one-handed mode from the right hand side of the screen. If you want to enter from the left hand side, then simply swipe from home to overflow. Now, it shouldn’t take too much to work out that to revert back to full screen, you simply swipe the opposite way to what you did before. So overall, a rather sweet and easy method to enter one-hand mode.

The update does come with a few extra bits, but the one-handed mode seems to be the most notable. Or at least the most interesting. What do you think of the new feature? Are you a fan of one-handed use? As phones get bigger a one-handed mode does have some benefits. Either way let us know what you think of the new feature.