You Can Now Order The Folio Keyboard Case For The Nexus 9 On The Play Store For $129

Nexus 9 keyboard folio

So you’ve got that shiny new Nexus 9 tablet in your hands and you’re wondering, “how do I protect this little guy?” The answer is as easy as finding and purchasing any number of cases made available for the tablet from a selection of various retailers and manufacturers. What if you’re someone who likes the official accessories that get put up for sale on the Play Store? There’s now something for you too as Google made the official Keyboard Folio case for the Google Nexus 9 available for order from the Play Store devices page, and if you order it the case will apparently ship out in one to two business days.

Essntially, if you ordered it now there is a slim chance you could get it Friday sometime, although depending on where you’re having it shipped to it could end up showing up on your door step in the beginning of next week, which is also more likely considering Thursday is Thanksgiving, and we all know major holidays have a way of hindering shipments for the 24 hour period. Nevertheless, if you’re wanting to pick one of these up you can head over to the Play Store and place your order for one right this very moment. As a case, it seems kind of pricey at $129.99, but you have to remember that the official Nexus accessories are usually a bit more than those you could find from other OEMs on Amazon. With that being said, this isn’t just any case either as it provides you with an attached keyboard that links up to the tablet for more traditional typing while your tablet is sitting in an angled state.

Not only does the case provide you with an actual physical keyboard to type on, but it’s a mechanical keyboard at that so the keys response should last you quite a while. As someone who currently owns and uses a mechanical keyboard for every day use from work to games, there is nothing better than typing with mechanical keys. It’s probably that sweet, sweet feeling of the tactile feedback, the clicks. They’re oh so enjoyable. The case pairs up to your tablet via Bluetooth, and Google states the case will last you up to 5 months of battery life on a single charge. Care to grab this baby? Head to the Play Store link below to buy. You can also purchase the case through Amazon, although they appear to be out of stock at the moment.