Best Buy Has The Nexus 9 Available Today For In-Store Pick-Up

Nexus 9 AH 2


It’s quite a big day today. For a lot of people it is simply another Monday. Another start to the 9-to-5 and another start to a long working week. But for the few, it is a very different day today. It is (another) Nexus day and in particular Google Nexus 9 day. Yes folks, for those who queued up in the internet shopping world and made their pre-orders, today is the day the Nexus 9 is officially released. That said, typical of online shopping this doesn’t mean today is the day you will get your Nexus 9. Nope, as with all online things there is that dreaded ‘shipping in 1-2 days’ that you must endure. The device is released but that simply means it will soon start its long journey from that big dark warehouse to your house. However that doesn’t have to be the case.

It seems if you simply cannot wait for USPS to bring you that very special package then you don’t have to. Best Buy are listing the Nexus 9 as ‘in stock’ and more importantly ‘available for store pick-up’. yes, if you are in the mood for playing with a Nexus 9 today then Best Buy are your best option. While Play and Amazon will both be getting ready to ship your device, you can go straight down right now to Best Buy and grab a Nexus 9. Both the 32 and 64GB variants seems to be in stock.

There is one or two points to be aware of though. Firstly, it only seems the black Nexus 9 is available for pick-up. The white version is listed on the Best Buy website but does not seem to be currently available in-store. As for the tan version…forget about it. But if black is your color, and Nexus your thing then head down to Best Buy. There simply does not seem to be a quicker way to get hold of it. The other notable point is that it might not be your very closest Best Buy that has them in-stock. It seems not all stores nationwide have the Nexus 9 as available for pick-up. That said, from doing some quick random zip code checks it does seem there will be a store near you that has them ready, but it just might not be your usual store. So before you run down there (you have read this far and not already gone right?) check the store availability on the Best Buy website. So who has already made their pre-orders? Will you be cancelling and heading to Best Buy instead.