AT&T Gives Consumers More Data On Latest Mobile Share Promotion Plans

November 17, 2014 - Written By Justin Diaz

When it comes to picking a wireless carrier, there are a ton of reasons to pick one over another. In the end though it really comes down to what you need the most, where you need coverage the most, and what you want and what you’re looking for. To some of us, what matters the most is great coverage where we will be using this device, to others the most important factor is finding a great device to use. For people like myself, a really important factor is getting the most amount of data I possibly can without paying an arm and a leg.

Many carriers have been changing around their plans recently to reflect more data for less, or for the same price, giving consumers more value for the money they may already be paying to their carrier every month. AT&T’s latest savings offering allows subscribers to get more out of a plan they already have with the latest promotion for their share plans, giving subscribers 15GB of monthly data to share for the price it costs for a 10GB plan. AT&T’s mobile share plans come with unlimited talk and text as a base for the plan, and then customers can choose how much data they want or need which varies the price of the plan. In this case, customers who would be choosing to sign up or switch to the 10GB plan will get an extra 5GB a month to share amongst the number of users on the plan.

The promotion is available to new and existing customers so there doesn’t seem to be a lockout for anyone that already subscribes to AT&T service. If you’re an existing customer of AT&T’s network, you can change to this new promotion by going into your myAT&T app on your device, if you’re a new customer to AT&T you can access the promotion from the AT&T website. In addition, both new and existing customers should be able to set up on this promotion through local carrier retail locations as well. The cost for the promotion is $100 a month for the unlimited talk, text, and 15GB of shareable data, plus the device access charge which is $15 a month per line that’s on the plan. That changes to $40 per line if you’re on a two-year agreement. AT&T didn’t specify how long the extra 5GB of data promo will last. Is this something that you’ll be interested in?